Your Favorite Listings In Your Inbox

Get alerted when the boats you care about are listed for auction.

How To Set Boat Auction
Listing Notifications

You can set notifications for boat categories, brands or specific models, making it easy to shop, or just keep an eye on the market.

  1. Join BoatList™ register here
  2. Navigate to boat categories, or makes & models
  3. Click the “Notify me when one is listed” button
  4. Manage all your notifications on your profile page

Click the bell icon to sign up for boat auction listing notifications.

Watch a boat auction from
start to finish

Click the watch star to watch a listing.

When You Watch a Listing:

  • Watch List
    Boat auction appears on My Watchlist.
  • Emailed Updates
    New photos or videos added the the listing are emailed to you.
  • Timed Reminders
    A one-hour email reminder, or 30 minute text reminder can be sent to you before the auction ends.
  • Auction Summary
    A summary of the auction result is emailed to you when it closes.
  • Repeat Listings
    We’ll email you if the boat is listed again on BoatList.