Photo & video guide

Great photos & videos will get you more money for your boat

When selling a boat online, presentation is everything!

While you are welcome to shoot your own photos and videos, the easiest and fastest solution is opting into the BoatList™ Media package when you submit your boat. We have professionals that come to you and shoot high quality photos and videos for the auction listing – which are yours to keep forever. Photos of boats tied to a dock or on a trailer are not accepted for BoatList.

Consider Hiring a pro

We have photographers that come to you and make it easy.

2 Hr shoot


$100 each additional hour

After submitting a boat for auction you can opt into a photo / video package for only $295 that includes a 2 hour on location shoot. Each additional hour is $100.

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Preparing for the Shoot

Please print this PDF and take it with you on the shoot to ensure you don’t miss anything important the first time.

  • Wash and detail your boat – Clean the gutters for floor compartments and wipe out fish boxes and live wells
  • Declutter your boat – Empty your console and cup holders, organize / empty storage compartments
  • Stage your boat – Fill coolers with ice and some drinks (looks good in pictures, and serves as a nice refreshment during the shoot).
  • Reminder – Don’t forget to take pictures of your service records, warranty documents and owner’s manuals.

Download the shot list and print it out so you can keep track of your shots while taking pictures

Example Videos

Use a smartphone to shoot these videos. Please use landscape (horizontal) orientation as you will be uploading to YouTube.

Cabin / Interiors

If there is a cabin or interior space, shoot a separate walk through video showing the layout and various spaces / cabin.

Walkthrough Portait Format

As a bonus, shoot a vertically oriented walk through video as well. A tall orientation is better suited to promote the boat on social media.

Example Photos

If you are not hiring a professional, we recommend using a smartphone. All shots should be in landscape mode (horizontal). Here is a list of types on pictures to take, along with examples for each:

Photo & Video Tips

  • Follow The Guide
    Whether you’re shooting the media yourself, or you hire a pro – please follow the guide closely. We highly recommend printing the PDF and taking with you on the shoot.
  • Lighting is Key
    Morning or afternoon sun is best for exterior shots, while having the sun higher in the sky is better for onboard because it minimizes harsh shadows. Overcast days are OK. Don’t shoot into the sun, rotate the boat so the sun is at your side or slightly behind you.
  • Shoot All Video Horizontally
    Shoot all videos for the auction listing horizontally in landscape format, as you’ll be uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. Just send your Auction Specialist the links.