BoatList Boat Buying Guide

What you should know about boat ownership & how to buy the right boat on BoatList™. Buying a boat is a big decision, and comes with new financial commitments. Most importantly though, boats are very different from cars. We buy them for different reasons, with different kinds of financing terms, and different insurance and licensing…

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What Type of Boat Best Matches Your Lifestyle?

What kind of boat you should buy depends 100% on how you plan to use it. A lot of first time buyers end up switching boats as they discover more about which features they use most, where they like to go, and what type of activities they enjoy. Sometimes, it takes some time and more…

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Top 10 Center Consoles

Center Consoles are no longer just sport fishing boats for nearshore day trips. With modern outboard power, some center consoles are now over 60 feet long, reach speeds of over 80 mph and outfish even the most expensive Sport Fisherman. Designs range from wide open decks, live wells and gunwales loaded with rod holders to…

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